Friday, October 31, 2008


Movie Star!
The choice was not that hard on what to be this year. I just got LASIK, and I had bright red spots all over my eyes. So it was either vampire eyes or something with Sunglasses. I went with the sunglasses. This picture is of my fellow Activities Committee and I at the Ward Costume Party. I taught the "Monster Mash", you can never go wrong with Line Dances!

Halloween Night, nice and relaxing. That is with the exception of the door bell ringing every 2 minutes! Country life is sounding better and better. Well.. I went from the plans of driving to Salt Lake with my girl friends to a Costume party and Salsa dancing with the BYU heart throbs a.k.a BYU Ballroom Boys, to staying home with my mom. I got behind at my new job, book keeping for Dish, when one of the boys told me I only had to enter in half of the invoices. So happily I deleted what I "thought" to be "extra" work. Turns out he was wrong, my boss did want me to enter in ALL of the information. He hadn't had the boys do it because it would be to complicated for them! Ha ha, so through tears and laughter I went back through all of the files that I had been so pleased to place in the done pile.