Saturday, November 1, 2008

Summer Up-date

It was was a full two weeks! I learned how truly blessed I am for living in Idaho and having a warm and loving home to come home to every night. The girls I have worked with are like the children in Guatemala we visited. They are starved for love. There is no time when you don't have a girls arms around you or your arms around them. It was a great experience, one that will always be a special memory. The day with the girls starts at 9 and they left at 3. After we played and did so much site seeing! There were many museums, parks, art galleys, plays (wicked), lots of shopping, boat rides, comedy clubs, fancy restaurants and crazy foods! Just in one week I ate octopus, squid, clams, raw salmon rapped around caviar. Yes and I still do not enjoy sea food! I think I have been cultured in food for a first and last time. Probably the Asian pancakes with chicken curry have been my favorite, the lamb curry about made me gag!

Memphis, TN
After Chicago I was home for a couple weeks before David flew me out to Memphis to visit. I had the best 2 weeks with David. He is a hopeless romantic - My room was covered in roses and chocolates the night I got there. We went boating, the zoo, art gallery, pea body hotel, a fair, played games with the family, grace land, shopping - and much more! David was a good sport and even did night face masks with me! I fell in love with his family, and I still can't believe how much alike his mother and I are! I fit in almost better then I though possible. It was sad to leave, but nice to get home to my family! I missed them so much after being gone a full month. I can't imagine what it will be like after 18 months!

Is my boyfriend a Dancer?


One of the most common questions I get asked is, "Does he dance?" Ha ha well, David dances just maybe not in the way my friends are meaning. This Video makes me laugh every time I watch it. David's dancing skills ... we can just say stay in the proximity of "car dancing". I do have to credit him that he has taken 180 and 280 dance classes from my mom. That is actually how we met. I was the T.A. that rotated through the lines to help the boys. David was the boy that always made me laugh, I loved dancing with him because of it (well I liked his big muscles too). I still love dancing with him, his 180 moves in the living room are quite good!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Movie Star!
The choice was not that hard on what to be this year. I just got LASIK, and I had bright red spots all over my eyes. So it was either vampire eyes or something with Sunglasses. I went with the sunglasses. This picture is of my fellow Activities Committee and I at the Ward Costume Party. I taught the "Monster Mash", you can never go wrong with Line Dances!

Halloween Night, nice and relaxing. That is with the exception of the door bell ringing every 2 minutes! Country life is sounding better and better. Well.. I went from the plans of driving to Salt Lake with my girl friends to a Costume party and Salsa dancing with the BYU heart throbs a.k.a BYU Ballroom Boys, to staying home with my mom. I got behind at my new job, book keeping for Dish, when one of the boys told me I only had to enter in half of the invoices. So happily I deleted what I "thought" to be "extra" work. Turns out he was wrong, my boss did want me to enter in ALL of the information. He hadn't had the boys do it because it would be to complicated for them! Ha ha, so through tears and laughter I went back through all of the files that I had been so pleased to place in the done pile.

Entering the Blogging World..!

Well here I am.. never thought I would give in, but mother has convinced me. Well she didn't have to do much. . After helping with her background and reading some of the Family blogs together - I knew I had to join in on all the Fun! I must have to say that Josh's posts are my favorite. Laughing with a combination of adding words to my vocabulary are always a plus!